Play Google Dino Game on all browsers and mobile devices. Press Space Bar or Up Arrow key to start or jump. For Mobile users, just tap on the screen to start the game.

Chrome Dinosaur Game: Google Chrome’s Secret Addictive Game

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your internet signal dies. Well, a lot of you have already known, but for those of you who are still unaware, Google tries to ease this pain with the cool source of entertainment game that is, chrome dinosaur offline game.

The greatest USP of this game is that it can be played without the internet connection that is why it is also known by the name ‘no internet game’. It is a simple endless runner game in which you see a cute t Rex Dinosaur jumping over the cacti, avoiding obstacles throughout the gameplay.

The difficulty level in the dino game is measured by the speed of the little trex. As the speed increases, it is a bit more difficult to dodge and safely escape from the obstacles. The speed of the t Rex also determines the gap between the obstacles.

How to Play Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game?

The dino game can be played on both desktop and mobile provided that you’re not connected to the internet. If you want to play chrome dino without disconnecting your internet, simply type chrome://dino in your address bar, after that you will see the ‘no internet’ screen where you have to press space bar key to start the game.

Talking about the controls of the game, they are very simple. Tap on the Spacebar key of your keyboard to command the running t rex to jump over the obstacles. Alternatively you can use the ‘up’ arrow key to jump and ‘down’ arrow’ key to duck the running t rex.

In case you are on mobile, tap on the screen when you see the little chrome dino to start the game and avoid obstacles.

How did Google come up with the idea of running T-Rex?

When the same question has been asked to one of the inventor of Chrome dino run game, Sebastien Gabriel. He answered, the idea of ‘endless runner’ was born in early 2014. The game play was designed keeping in mind the ‘prehistoric age’ where there was no Wi-Fi. The first iteration of the ‘you-are-offline’ page was just the cacti and desert. While the visual graphics of the game is a nod to Google’s pixel-art style in Chrome’s error illustrations.

Allan, the co-inventor further added, the only challenge we faced is to keep the motion of the game rigid, and somewhat like which remind players of vintage video games. Firstly we thought to incorporate “a cute little kick” in the beginning just like the favourite 90’s hedgehog. But this idea got pull down in the end. Finally, we settled on the basics of any good dino runner game: run, duck and jump.

The T-Rex game also has a nickname, “Project Bolan”, which was given in honor of Marc Bolan, a legendary rock band of the 1970s. The authors claim that the game will last long as 17 million years just like the Tyrannosaurus were alive on earth.